Universal Healthcare

Project:  Activator One

Objective: The main objective for this product is to connect services across the healthcare value chain to improve efficiency for the Insurer’s applicantion process. The new system is being designed from the ground up and will utilize digital solutions to improve quality, access and healthcare costs for the health event management. The product provides end to end management of the insurance application and underwriting process for the Insurer.

Challenge: Cross business unit, cross-functional team made good communication key. This was one of the first projects to launch with an entirely different technology platform. A new cohort of users needed to be understood. We needed to stay flexible as requirements and design systems were constantly shifting. There were many stakeholders who wanted their content to be more prominent and there was constant demand for prime real estate. Content hierarchy and site design were debated a lot and the design had to satisfy all stakeholders needs. Several design sessions were held to ensure the final design was clean, well organised and represented all products and offerings in the best possible light to potential customers.

My Role: Design strategy, wireframe design and development, information architecture. Collaborated with cross-functional teams. Worked with internal skateholders with timeframe, plan and budget. Worked with an external agency to complete front-end design and branding. We’re engaged with several concurrent work streams, which requires frequent collaboration, as each work stream has implications that can impact the other. I’m leading a key product that reimagines the digital health & life insurance experience for users with a diverse range of insurance needs and closing the gap between traditional process and digital process.

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Universal Healther - Activator One
Universal Healther - Activator One

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Universal Healther - Activator One